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Where sonic went wrong.

Here lies an article, that i feel is so spot on about what happened to Sonic the hedgehog, what sonic has done wrong, and how they might set things right.
The author is also asking you to digg this post, and with the mass appeal of digg, and it's power to reach people, i feel it's a great idea.

A must read for any saddened sonic fan.
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I'm going to have to completely disagree, and correct you on at least one thing.
Sonic Adventure was outlined in the article, as a great game because it was close to the original formula. Getting away from that formula was what ruined the character, and including a story did nothing to help.
Sonic can't withstand any more reinventions, as everything tried so far has disappointed sonic fans, he needs to be dialed back to the sonic of yore, with no annoying voice-overs, no anti-hero hedgehogs, and especially no dark sonic werewolf nonsense.
There is an RPG, it's been out for a little while, and it's from Bioware.

When you compare Sonic to Ratchet and Clank, even though that makes me throw up a little, it's not without a basis, as one of the original sonic team developers left sega soon after the completion of sonic adventure and joined naughty dog, so really it was that game that took many ideas from working at sonic team.

Sonic should be allowed to return to his roots, and sega should allow for all the time in the world to translate the original adventure (the one on the sega genesis) to be translated into 3d.
I have faith that, if this were done, people would believe in the sonic franchise again, and better sonic games would be made.

Because the original games are still amongst the best games i have ever played, and continue to stand the test of time.