logan_rennt (logan_rennt) wrote in dreamcast,

REZ-beta K-Project "released"

I found this post on kotakudotcom. K-Project is the actual REZ game in an early stage. The gameplay feels a little different and, most notably, the music is by Underworld. If you are a REZ fan you should check it out. Here is another link.
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This looks really cool, I'm a fan of Rez. Any idea if this is NTSC or PAL, i can play both but my TV can only do 60hz correctly.

Good find though.
PAL definitely works for me. You cannot choose anything during loading. There is no PAL/NTSC selection screen. There are also no in-game options for switching PAL to NTSC. However, there is a console and a mouse cursor on the screen, which you can operate with a controller in port 2. God knows what you could do with it.